VLOGUE to express yourself without pain

Aiki PsychoVerbale, harmony from the inside to the outside

Biography of Gaëtan Sauvé

Founder, author and creator of the psychoverbal self-defense method. Here is a short description of his career which led him to found the ADPV.

Video of the 5 Shaolin forms

The title says it all! Presentation in English of the 5 Shaolin forms of AMPV. Soon translated into French.

The 5 Shaolin Animal Forms

Presentation of the location of the 5 Shaolin animal forms in the  Quadrants  of AMPV 

The ten resources of the ADPV

The 10 resources to become a black belt in Aiki Psychoverbalale and ADPV

Definition of the term psychoverbal

Here is the meaning of the term psychoverbal (e) as used in psychoverbal self-defense, Aiki Psychoverbal, psychoverbal attack, etc.

The power of intention

Here is a short video on the power of intention and the need to believe in its possibilities to manifest your intention.

The AMPV alliance

A brief presentation of the personalities of the 4 virtual characters who represent the 4 Earth forms in the AMPV animations